Artistic Statement

To me, photography is a medium for recording and interpreting meaningful scenes and natural spaces, particularly those that I will probably never see again. I prefer black and white photography to emphasize composition and mood, allowing the viewer to add his or her own "color." I have concentrated on ordinary subjects while trying to avoid obvious shots.

My work is not reflective of any particular theme, but many of my best photographs reflect a spontaneous, fleeting quality. For me, photography involves encapsulating an atmosphere but also solving compositional problems, linking form and content. I use only traditional film cameras, including a 1950’s Nikon Rangefinder, a 35-year old Hasselblad, a 20-year old R-series Leica and a 20-year old Nikon. I use simple equipment and simple developing, but work for unique results. To quote my favorite photographer, Andre Kertesz, "Photography must be realistic."

The Images

The images on this site are all full frame – nothing has been cropped. What I saw through the lens is what you are seeing in the photograph. In addition, no flash is used in any of the photographs; adjustments are made to film, time and aperture only.

Also, the typical 5"x7" and 8"x10" prints are not a natural size when shooting 35mm – part of the image is lost when printing in these dimensions. My photographs are printed in limited quantity on archival fiber paper in the following sizes: 4"x6", 8"x12", 12"x18" and 20"x30"; and depending on camera type, they might also be square.

About Tom Key

Tom lives in Atlanta with his wife and twin daughters. He is an avid traveler, frequently visiting Asia, Europe and South America for business and pleasure. Tom will almost always have a camera with him, taking at least a few photographs everyday.


Commissioned work is encouraged.