Avid outdoorsmen who wish to document their bird-hunting or fishing expeditions can call upon the services of a professional photographer, who also happens to be an experienced hunter and fisher.

For those whose lives are enriched by days in the field or on the water, a photographic record of an expedition can prolong the enjoyment and immortalize the event. Fine sporting photography is less focused on the kill or the one that got away, seeking rather to create a journal of the entire day; from walking to the blind in the morning, prepping the dogs or tying the last fly, to the last walk out of the field.

Tom Key's own bird hunting and fishing pursuits have taken him from New England to the Caribbean, from South Georgia to South Dakota. His experience as a sportsman is joined by his ability to make sporting moments live through photography, ensuring that each photograph captures the action and authentic mood of your outdoors experience.

A typical shoot, half day, full day or longer, produces a journal of 20-25 photographs, plus additional larger images suitable for framing. Please call or email to discuss pricing and options. International trips are welcome.


Commissioned work is encouraged.